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MocoSpace Is Mobile Social Networking For The Massses

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Are you using Facebook or Twitter? Yes, we can say both of them are the most popular social networking service you can find today. However, we need to tell you that social networking service isn’t moving around those two big guys. Actually, there are many social networking services you can find and some of them have successfully attracted more attention to the internet user. For example, you can try to use MocoSpace. The unique feature and its simplicity, as well as the easy to use concept are some of reason why this service is very popular.

However, we can’t compare MocoSpace with Facebook or Twitter. MocoSpace is different. So, how MocoSpace works? First is the feature. MocoSpace has similar feature like other social networking service. You can share information, photo and add your status on your wall. More than that, you also can play mobile games from MocoSpace as well as find many different genres of music. The profile page and your wall also can be modified into anything that you like. You can add text, image, photo and many more. And to do that, you just need to sign up for free. Just like that, you can start using this service.

However, MocoSpace is more than just a social networking service. MocoSpace is a web community. And, if we compare it other similar community, we can say that MocoSpace is one of the biggest community you can find on the internet. Its popularity is really growing, especially in Boston. According to Casey Jones, MocoSpace VP of Business Development and Marketing, their company actually aims Boston as their main market. He said that Boston is like hub of mobile, which means there are many people that use the mobile phone. For market, MocoSpace aim for Latino and African American market. What MocoSpace offered for them is the ease, because unlike other social networking sites, MocoSpace concept is using mobile phone to access social networking service. Or we can say that MocoSpace is cross-platform social networking service. That means any mobile phone can be used to access this service.

The popularity that came around is caused by many things. The ease of mobile phone concept is one of the causes. More than that, the unique thing about how MocoSpace grows into mobile social networking for masses is the masses itself. The promotion has been done by its community. Of course, that’s not all. MocoSpace also has successfully interviewed big name, like Ne-Yo, Hoobastank, Nas and LL Cool J. More than that, MocoSpace also becomes the place where the premium releases of song by top singers, like Rihanna, Alicia Keys and Kelly Clarkson. Therefore, it’s not too shocking if this service grows bigger and bigger. The partnership with celebrity also gives more advantages for the company itself, as great promotion method. Plus, the fans that use this service are much easier to know more about the star that they like. Now, what we need to do is waiting. Is MocoSpace able to change how social networking service worked?

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