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LLCool J Interview On MocoSpace

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LLCooJ is known as one of the most famous rapper in US. If you are one of the hip hop lovers, it is very normal to follow his music since his early carrier. More than just it is about music that he has produced; you must also know that he is successfully collaborated with other famous singers and musicians. Well, you may know well who is Michael Jackson, J.Lo or Snoop Dogg. It is not exaggerating to name him as the forefathers of pop rap. His stage name basically stands for Ladies Love Cool James. Yes, his name originally is James Todd Smith.

Well, despite the common things the world may know about him, MocoSpace has an opportunity interview him more intimately. It is so interesting that LLCool J is as cool as his name and it is really comfortable to chit chat more with him. It is even when the topic discussed is also not around the music.

The interview begins with the place that he really likes to visit. Well, he mentioned Paris. All of us must agree with his choice and thought about Paris. Yes, it is by remembering that Paris is known as a city of love and romance. More than that, there are indeed so many fascinating places that are very recommended to see, like the museums and other buildings with much sense of art. It is reasonable also to say that even the street of Paris is so incredibly artistic. Another good idea mentioned by LLCoolJ about this capital city of France is about his wants to walk around and even get lost. Undeniably, it can be a very unforgettable experience.

Another question is related his life as an artist. As we may already see LLCoolJ is really professional and talented. It is supported by his whole life which is indeed dedicated as artist. Even, he started all of them since he was still teenagers around fifteen or sixteen. Well, maybe he didn’t experience any foral school like most of us did. However, it seems tha it is such a proper decision. How can we say if his talent is indeed around music? Besides, starting his career from young ages is proven really good for him. As he was growing up as an adult, it was the peak of his success. And it looks like that he really enjoys what he has been achieved. It is even mentioned in his interview that what he has done in his life if what makes him become a man. It is although he may not be able to enjoy his childhood as he had started to work at that time.

He also stated his political view when he said that he supports Obama during the US election. The reason is that because it looks like Obama supports the middle class people more. As we may know, it is actually something like a problem in US when people must pay the high tax regularly. For the poor ones, it must be really difficult by remembering that the number of unemployed people is getting higher and higher from year to year.

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    MocoSpace Is Mobile Social Networking For The Massses
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