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How To Auto Fight In MocoSpace Street Wars

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MocoSpace games can be classified as kinds of games with any enthusiast and users nowadays. We cannot deny that playing games is indeed really fun. And it is very reasonable if there are many software designers and developers try their best in order to satisfy the customers. Actually in every game, there must be tricks to make the players win even with cheating. Besides, there are still many other ways to make it feel more interesting without we must work too hard. Sure, it is including for the MocoSpacegames and also the MocoSpace Street Wars Mob up Fast. One of the tricks is about how to set the auto fight version in MonoScape Street Wars. So, are you curious how is it?

Go to

Of course, the first thing to be done is going directly to its official website, Then, make sure you are into the game page and then looking for the Street Wars.

The screen of Smartphone is displayed there to see some available menus. On the upper part of the displayed Smartphone, there are two main items namely Fight and Main Menu. Each of them is with the scores. Meanwhile, under those two items, there are the names of users are provided in which you can click one of them which is yours.

Entering Your User Name

Just after your user name has been clicked you will enter another menu where there is a statement “You Win” mentioned. There are also some other menus available in the form of buttons entitled Again, Done, Auto fight, and a question mark. However, what you should click at first is the star sign on the address bar. Particularly if you use Google Chrome as the browser, there are some menus appeared on the left side of your computer. The menus are parts of the macros, including Demo-Firefox, New Folder, and #Current. You must click the last one where other submenus will appear. You can choose Edit Macro to appear a box. Copy the paste appeared on the box while you should also click Cancel button on the bottom of that bottom part. Paste it on the second bar appeared on the second bar of Macro box. Then, you need to click Play Loop.

Back to the User Name Box

You can go back to your user name box and see that the Again button is being twinkled automatically. Pull the black black space above the buttons until the big red spot is seen. You can see that there is a number on the upper part of box, as an example the number mentioned is 93. Just after the red spot is pulled into the number, you can see the number changed into 91. It means that you lose. Another box will be appeared in the session namely Health Restriction. There is a message there this is “You sent arturo.g. 1542 to the doctor”. Finally, you can click the close button. Well, you can find the MonoScape Street Wars has been set into the auto fight version.

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