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MocoSpace Login

MocoSpace is a mobile social network or a community of mobile game that is focused specially for mobile on HTML5. This social network site has the similar features to the other sites of social networking. You can enjoy the features once you have done MocoSpace login sign up. The features are such as chatting, mobile gaming, instant messaging, photo sharing, and also eCards. The MocoSpace mobile site is also off deck, meaning that the site is not smartphone carriers’ start page. Yet you can visit the mobile site through the web access on your phone because it is a standalone site.

In Boston area, there are some startups that focus on application developing to make mobile websites. MocoSpace is one of them. According to Hitwise, it belongs to the largest mobile sites in United States of any type. MocoSpace also belongs to the mobile websites that the company got venture funding given rapidly to the mobile space developer in 2005. This company got the first series A venture funding as much as $3 million in 2007. Then they got the funding again as much as $4 million series B in January 2008. In that year, MocoSpace developer announced that they have gotten 2 million users registered and 1 billion page views every month. The achievement makes MocoSpace as the largest communities of off deck mobile social. The business model of the social networking website is same like most other websites, they serve advertisements to the users.

How to Login to MocoSpace?

Before you access social networking website and connect with many other users around the world, you need to do login first.

The login process is very easy and quick, you only need to enter your username and also password, then press enter or click the Log In button to directly see the home page of the site. However, you should make sure that you have had an account in the website before you login. But if you are not registered yet, you should sign up to the web site first in order to have an account. Follow some steps below to sign up to MocoSpace.

  • Firstly, make sure that you are at least 18 years old or older. It is the first requirement of MocoSpace to become its user. This requirement is not because this site has adult themes but it is for the reasons of security and safety.
  • In the sign up process, you need to make a user name and set a password as well as some information related to yourself. Make an interesting username but don’t use your full name or providing other personal information.
  • For a faster process, you can also use your Facebook ID to sign up. Your data and information will be taken from the Facebook profile. Simply click the icon of Facebook ID that is available on the main page of MocoSpace.
  • Read the Terms of Service of the site before you sign up and have MocoSpace login in English. If you sign up without reading the Terms of Service, it means that you agree to follow all of the terms.

For those who prefer using Latino, you can change the language of the site into MocoSpace Latino or MocoSpace en Español for more comfortable using. To switch the language into Spanish, you can find the link at the home page bottom. Click the arrow of language options and then choose the Spanish language. The language will be always in Spanish although have been log out except you change the language back in the same way.

Find Many Friends on MocoSpace

MocoSpace will also allow you to find and add many friends from all over the world to your friend list. You can use the MocoSpace search to find friends in specific gender and/ or age, specific state, country or area code. You can also search some friends through email. Besides, the MocoSpace chat or forum topics feature also can become the place to find and add many more friends. You only need to click the + icon in the profile of a user when you are interested to send a friend request. Make sure he/ she will be a good friend because it can’t be canceled once the request is sent.

The Works of the Chat Room

It is interesting because the chat rooms in MocoSpace are split up into kinds of topics of interest. It means that you can choose the best people to talk about the same topics after you have done the MocoSpace chat login. If you have chosen a specific topic, you need to be respectful to other people in the chat room and stay in the topic of interest. It is important to always watch your language and make the topic more interesting to talk. Beware of things belonged to violations such as personal information sharing, phone numbers, emails or other contact information sharing, advertising, illegal activity promotion, etc.

How to Access the Chat Room?

To access the chat rooms, it is required to do phone number verification into your MocoSpace account and then complete the process of account verification. Follow the steps below for number verification;

  • Get into the setting page and then add your phone number into your account.
  • If you are willing to accept notifications sent to your phone, you can check off the box and then save the setting change.
  • Then you will receive the notification of phone number notification. Reply it with YES or Y.

There are some other separate process for your account verification. Be aware to plans or carriers that ask phone number verification. The website developer doesn’t control such problem in their users. On the other hand, since it is a mobile social networking web site, the chat rooms will be accessible if you do the MocoSpace mobile login. So you should use your smartphone to access the mobile social networking web site in order to be able accessing the chat room and get more friends to talk.

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